Did you know that Brazilian Blowout is not just for curly or frizzy hair? Galway Hair Salon learned in their most advanced training that it can help your hair color last longer by 3 weeks. Yes, 3 weeks! Now, of course, Galway stylist can’t stop your hair from growing, but they can help prevent color fading. Color fading is a complaint our stylist hear often. First of all, it is very important to use professional hair care products that do not contain sulfates and if you have a Brazilian Blowout it is very important to use the Acai Brazilian Blowout aftercare products. Other shampoos will only wash out your Brazilian Treatment.

Why wash your money down the drain?

Galway Hair Salon recommends the shampoo/conditioner and leave-in serum. The treatment is guaranteed to last 12 weeks (only if you use the recommended products), however, our clients who use the products find that their treatments are lasting close to 6 months. The thing we love about Brazilian Blowout is that we can customize it for all my different clients. You can have fine limp hair and create volume by over directing the hair during the flat iron part of the treatment. You can also keep your curl and lose the frizz. The results are endless depending on your needs or want.

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