Your hair does more than just turn heads all around you, it can also highlight your face. Depending on if your hairstyle is a good one or a bad one, this can be positive or negative. Here at Galway Hair Salon, we believe that finding the perfect hairstyle makes your entire body look great. We have some tips for choosing a hairstyle that will draw attention to your best features.

Round Face

If your face is rounder, you can go any length if you have the right hairstyle.

  • Short – Go all the way short with spiky layers all around the crown of the head.
  • Medium – Long bob with wisps around the neck in order to slim the face.
  • Long – Layer at the jawline with barely-there pieces to make the hair seem fuller rather than the face.

Heart Shaped Face

If your face is wider at the top and tends to come to a point at your chin, then try one of these looks on for size.

  • Short – Pixie cut with short top layers clipped evenly on nape and sides.
  • Medium – Collarbone length hair with uniform layers and sweeping bangs.
  • Long – Full bangs and curly sections of long hair.

Oval/Long Face

If your face is longer and more of an oval shape, try one of these jaw-dropping styles.

  • Short – Angle a bob with chin-hugging, short layers.
  • Medium – Shoulder length sleek blowout.
  • Long – Sweeping fringe and a retro texture paired with long strands.

Square Face

If your face has a tendency to look squarer, try one of these cuts that will highlight your best features.

  • Short – Subtle bangs over a short layered bob.
  • Medium – Sweeping bangs with shoulder-length layers.
  • Long – Slight bangs at the cheekbone with collarbone-skimming length.

Let us help you

If you aren’t sure what your face type is or how to choose the right hairstyle to highlight your best assets, come to Galway Hair Salon, Ireland. Our experts will help you choose a color and style that make you feel great about the way you look.