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For an exceptional level of expertise and top-level talent, choose Galway Hair Salon for your next haircut, style or color. Our stylish are true masters of their craft, transforming your hair into a defining feature of who you are and undergoes regular education to ensure they understand the techniques required to get the most out of our services. We use only the best products and strive to get to know our clients, and we want to be your undisputed, number one hair stylist in Galway, Ireland.

— Hair Color–

If you are a little shy about dying your hair, our hair color specialist can ease you into this change with some subtle hair coloring such as highlights or lowlights to see how you feel about it.

Our hair salon uses only high-quality hair color product lines and if you have undergone the unfortunate event of a drastically bad hair coloring. The hair stylists at Galway Hair Salon is experienced with mixing and applying color to any type of hair.

Our stylists are proficient at getting the precise color to match your expectations. Call Galway Hair Salon now! For a consultation to discuss your hair color goals and develop a plan with your colorist to reach your objectives.

— Hair Cuts–

Basic haircuts in Galway hair Salon are available for both men and women. For men which may employ scissors or an electric trimmer to clean up your look and make you feel refreshed and ready for a new day. For women keep your locks even and trimmed.

We will get you in and out in a minimum of time and ensure you look your very best and get rid of unsightly split ends and encourage hair growth with regular trims from our exceptional team.

You will love the way you look!

— Hair Straightening–

Do you use a straightener to undo your stubborn curls, frizzy hair or afro every day? This is extremely damaging to your hair and a waste of your precious time! Our hair straightening specialist in Galway Hair Salon has experience and will provide you with a high-quality straightening perm.

A high-quality straightening perm will not undo but keep its from until it is cut. If the hair returns to its former state within one or two years, the received perm probably lacked skill. Galway hair Salon will ensure your hair receives the least damage and highest quality of skill to result in healthy and silky straight hair.

Whether you have had color treatments previously or not, we can provide an effective solution for you. Simply get in touch with our team and let us know what you are after, and our friendly experts will help guide you towards the best option for your mane.

— Hair Styling–

At Galway hair Salon, our experienced hair stylists are highly trained to international standards, bringing the latest cutting techniques. We can help you arrive the look you want to achieve and deliver a flawless style with clean lines and layering. Whatever your style is, we can help you find a look that will complement your wardrobe and help you make maximum impact for that big meeting or special date.

— Hair Extension–

Hair Extension has become very popular because they add length and volume to flat or lifeless hair. Extensions allow you to quickly add new colors and styling to your hair without having to harm your natural hair.

Galway Hair Salon offers a range of hair extensions types with a staff that is highly trained in the latest techniques and trends. The hair extensions we source are made of the highest quality human hair. This allows us to not only to make a perfect color match, but to seamlessly blend and style your hair extensions to perfection.

All hair extensions services here in Galway Hair Salon starts with a complementary thorough consultation to understand what your “dream hair” would look like. We discuss your final look, color selections, length. At Galway Hair Salon, we work with only the best quality hair extensions.

–Hair Waxing–

We want you to feel confident and knowledgeable when going in for any waxing treatment at Galway Hair Salon. Professional waxing services are a great way to remove unwanted hair growth on any part of your body. Waxing services will leave your skin smooth and supple for weeks or longer depending on the body part, and hair will generally grow back lighter and softer than if you were to shave.

At Galway Hair Salon, there is no need to trim the hair prior to your appointment, as this may cause damage or trauma to the area. We recommend leaving it all to our experienced specialists who will happily sort it all out for you.

— Eyebrow Threading–

Threading is an ancient technique for facial hair removal. Threading can remove a line of hair with incredible precision; it can even target a single hair amongst thousands. This level of control and makes threading the most popular techniques for eyebrow shaping. It’s 100% natural and ideal way to shape your brows. At Galway Hair Salon, we use hygiene, the organic thread that is skin-friendly performs the job effortlessly.

Our specialists have got the upper hand in performing eyebrow threading, ensuring lesser pain and a more precise. We are committed to procuring maximum customer satisfaction through thick and thin.  

— Lash Extension–

Eyelash extension is a practice that enhances the length, thickness and fullness in natural eyelashes. Method of applying the extensions include full strips, clusters and individual, one by one extensions. If you have a special occasion coming up, a holiday or simple wish to streamline your beauty routine each morning, last extension makes it so easy!

Galway Hair Salon is the place to get beautiful, natural looking eyelash extensions. We know you want to look incredible, every day, without spending hours in the mirror each morning. With eyelash extensions by Galway hair Salon in Galway, we can guarantee you will feel beautiful every day with soft, light and fluffy lashes.

Other Services

Galway Hair Salon also accepts any and all social and corporate events

  • Anniversaries

  • Award Ceremonies

  • Birthday Parties

  • Comming of Age Ceremonies

  • Concerts

  • Corporate Events

  • Graduations

  • Proms

  • Social Events

  • Wedding

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Galway Hair Salon provides numerous beauty and hair services such as haircutting, styling, hair extensions, body waxing, massages and hair coloring and more. We also provide services for occasions like weddings and parties.