Stylist at Galway Hair Salon is a hairstyle and color expert who has been in the beauty industry for many years. They’ve seen their clients go through changes in both their life experiences and their looks. Clients who never dyed their hair when they first started with Galway Hair Salon stylist, they become interested in covering up gray hairs that are springing up but are hesitant to start with coloring and changing their look too much.

Should I get a gloss treatment?

This is where gloss treatments come in: Gloss Treatments work to blend gray hair away, without applying an all-over color to drastically change hair’s look. The demi-permanent dye is subtle and natural, a perfect first step in changing your salon experience needs.

Benefits of Gloss Treatment

•  Gloss Treatments add shine! They are conditioning and contain protein for strong and glossy strands. •  Gloss Treatments blend grays away, covering them inconspicuously with demi-permanent color. The color washes away gradually, between 14 – 16 washes depending on your shampoo. •  Gloss Treatments wash out and won’t leave your roots showing. •  Gloss Treatments can add or correct tones on hair that needs a slight boost to achieve another level of color. Similarly, a gloss is a fun way to begin experimenting with changing hair color •  Fight frizz with a gloss treatment; the creamy conditioning smoothes the hair shaft.

Need any help?

If you’re planning on getting a gloss treatment in Ireland, contact Galway Hair Salon for more detailed information about their services offered.